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Musculoskeletal physiotherapy OPD

Our musculoskeletal physiotherapy department offers service to people with various musculoskeletal disorders and pain. We provide assessment and treatment of patients for orthopedic, rheumatology, post operative, women’s health, podiatry, burn rehab, hemophilic, sports injury, hand rehab, non-operative and chronic pain patients. To support effective care of musculoskeletal patients, we ensure professional physiotherapy staff who are specialists in the treatment of muscles, joints and tendons and ligament problems, and have a wellequipped OPD with latest electrotherapy and exercise therapy instruments. Our motto is to provide a standard and quality care to everyone of the patients at our doorstep.

 We have all the apparatus required for the treatment of the patients with different ailments:

  • Interferential Therapy
  • Short-wave Diathermy
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)
  • Moist Heat Therapy (Hydrocollator Pack Unit)
  • Combination Therapy Unit (Combo Unit)
  • Ultrasound Therapy Unit
  • Traction Unit (Mechanical)
  • Infrared Radiation Unit

We have a team of the most experienced and dedicated faculty members who are posted in the different departments to assure smooth running of the entire process.

  • Dr. Mital Shah (IN-Charge)
  • Dr. D.N.Bid
  • Dr. Deepti Sabhaya
About College

The Sarvajanik College of Physiotherapy offering BPT degree of 4 1/2 years started with 20 seats started from 2001 has completed its 21st  year, present intake capacity is 47 seats. The result of final year exam of four consecutive batches is 100%, it’s a matter of pride for Students, Teaching, Non Teaching Faculty and the management. 

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